Here’s looking at you, Kidd!

19 02 2010

Kidd ready to ride!

Kidd O’Shea, the “Go Everywhere Do Anything Radio Guy” from Kidd and Elizabeth in the Morning on 99 WMYX, had his first lesson at Cheska Farm in Waukesha with, his coach, Kathleen Caya. When Kidd donned his Ariat apparel and boots and his Troxel helmet, he looked such the part that you would have thought he had been riding for years. He is built to ride- tall, thin with very long legs.

Kidd is a natural!

Hannah Montana is just the horse to teach Kidd. Kathleen found Hannah for one of her favorite clients, a young girl with high functioning autism, who is showing and competing against the best youngsters in Wisconsin and Illinois, and doing great! Hannah is patient and kind and will take great care of Kidd as he finds his balance, rhythm and base of support. With Hannah’s help and Kathleen’s coaching, he made so


much progress on the first day that he was able to steer on the rail and post the trot off the lunge line. Great job Kidd and Kathleen!!!

To be expected, Kidd was a tad sore the next day. He writes about it on his blog. But it’s a good sore!


Kidd, Hannah and Kathleen.




5 responses

22 02 2010

He’d better win, “No Pressure” It’s a sport, you get sore, suck it up and practice ALOT

22 02 2010
Elizabeth Kay

Kidd has not stopped talking about this since he started practice! He’s SOOO excited!

23 02 2010

He is going to be great! He has a wonderful teacher and a fabulous horse! Go Kidd, go!

21 02 2010

Love to see local celebrities involved in our sport, this was a great idea to help out the industry.

22 02 2010

Thanks Jude! We’re excited about how this will draw in new people to the sport, while helping out a good cause.

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