Keeping up with Suzy!

25 02 2010

Suzy Favor Hamilton is raring to go. The three-time Olympian had her first lesson with Pam Prince at Meinpferd Farm first thing in the morning. Her horse, Iphicles or “Iph” was Phil’s (Pam’s partner) jumper for many years.

Pam, Iph and Suzy.

Nowadays Iph, an extremely sweet warmblood gelding, spends his time teaching people to ride and jump. He is the perfect companion and teammate for Suzy. Iphicles is named after one of Hercules’ half brothers in Greek Mythology.

Suzy learns to steer.

Suzy, with her striking good looks, was the picture of elegance in her Ariat togs, boots and Troxel helmet. It was a chilly morning and she wore a polar fleece top embroidered with the logo of a Madison speed skating club. Her friend and Ariat Jumping with the Stars! competitor, Casey FitzRandolph introduced Suzy to speed skating. Now they will both be learning a sport that is not about speed- but about rhythm and control. Suzy is an incredible athlete! She catches on fast! After the lesson Suzy sped off to meet a client. Go Suzy!

Pam Prince is a geneticist and Meinpferd Farm (which means “my horse” in German) is the perfect breeding ground for RPSI (Rheinland Pfalz-Saar International) sport horses. Pam and Phil also have an active lesson program and boarding clients.

Pam shows Suzy how to hold the reins.




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