Host Spotlight: George Mallet

9 03 2010

George and Brahma at Cheska Farm

George Mallet wanted to be a jockey when he grew up. There was only one problem. He grew up to be six-foot three! So, he thought, the next best thing to being a jockey was to be the guy on horseback interviewing the jockey after he won the race.

George joined TODAY’S TMJ4 team in 2007 after more than 20 years in journalism. George’s career began in 1983 at The Associated Press in New York City. But the television bug bit him quickly when he ventured across Rockefeller Center to join NBC News as a desk assistant.

George’s first on-air job was at KUAM in Guam, but it was a short stint. After two loads of wash, he decided to return to the mainland for a position at WITN in Washington, North Carolina. George’s next stop was WTVD, the ABC-owned station in Raleigh-Durham, NC where he reported and anchored the 5:30 evening news.

George covers the Kentucky Derby.


During his 12 years in the South, George covered every hurricane to hit the fragile barrier islands of the Carolinas. He was always the first reporter out the door to cover breaking national news stories, including the Olympic Park bombing in Atlanta and the crash of TWA Flight 800 off Long Island.

In 1997, George moved to Philadelphia and joined WTXF, where he quickly won two Emmy awards for his coverage of spot news. After six years of reporting/anchoring weekend broadcasts, George began hosting Good Day Philadelphia. During his time on Good Day, George realizes his dream of covering the Triple Crown races of Philadelphia’s colts including Smarty Jones, Afleet Alex, Barbaro and Hard Spun.

Brahma Fear in the winner's circle.

Covering a story at a thoroughbred farm in 2005, a colt of grandsire Secretariat, was born. George had to see the grand baby of the greatest racehorse of all time. He met Brahma Fear that day and never forgot him. Brahma went on to win over $100,000 in his racing career. George kept tabs on Brahma. Just recently Brahma was retired from racing, and George jumped at the chance to buy him. Brahma arrived in Wisconsin last week. He will go through a retraining process with Kathleen Caya at Cheska Farm to learn his new job.

George will ride another thoroughbred, Tyler from Cheska Farm, as the mounted host of Ariat Jumping with the Stars!




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