Kathleen and Kidd Rock!

20 03 2010

Kidd piloting Tyler at the posting trot.

Kidd O’Shea (of Kidd and Elizabeth in the Morning on 99.1 WMYX) is having a blast! Kidd is super confident  and game to learn to ride and jump. He and Kathleen Caya, at Cheska Farm, have advanced quickly, the name of the game for Ariat Jumping with the Stars! Kidd is soft with his hands and goes with the flow. He knows his diagonals and is steering!

Kidd's jumping position over the cross rails.

He is now riding Tyler, a change that worked out very well. Tyler is a quiet, 15-year-old Thoroughbred that knows his job. What a good boy! This team will be ready on April 18th. Look out!

Kathleen coaching Kidd on his approach to the line.




2 responses

3 04 2011
Carol Doll

Hope to hear from you

3 04 2011
Carol Doll

Hi, I have talked to you before, and chickened out , but after talking to Kristy
Thompson that I rode with for years, and shown on the B circuit I am certain you can help me overcome my fears with my last 2 TBs. I know you moved from Steve Walls and are now at new place . I am now confident enough to take lessons and hopefully purchase in the future. You sound amazing, and just what I need. I’ll schedule a lesson after seeing this and show up. Carol Doll Brookfield 1-424-8280170

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