Suzy is Full of Surprises!

22 03 2010

Pam coaches Suzy on position.

Suzy Favor Hamilton brought her friend, Lara along for her lesson with Pam Prince at Meinpferde Farm. Lara is a rider and is very excited to see her friend take lessons. Ariat sent a new jacket for Suzy to try, which fit perfectly. She thought it would be fun to wear it  in the lesson.

Suzy surprises us on so many levels. First, she learns so quickly, second, she is so confident,  she wants to jump NOW, and third, she asks us, “Does anyone do this naked?  You just feel so free!” She was warned. That was going in the blog!

Suzy and Iphicles over the cross rails.

Team Suzy hasn’t lessoned as much as some of her competitors, but she is a quick study. Her horse, Iphicles is a tremendous partner for a new rider. If things were ever to fall apart, he would just stop. She was able to trot in to a line of ground poles and canter away. That was her first canter. She stayed balanced and together. Pam thought this was a good time for Suzy to feel what it is like to jump. She rode the line of cross rails. What an amazing team! Suzy has the potential to be really good at this sport. Go Suzy and Pam!





Pam, Iphicles, Lara and Suzy.




2 responses

23 03 2010

Great to have you Lara! We are looking forward to the event! Stay tuned, I’ll post video soon!

22 03 2010

Thanks to Pam and Carrie for letting me tag along at Suzy’s lesson! Pam has a great eye as an instructor, Iph is a total star, and Suzy is a natural at jumping. Can’t wait to see the final results on April 18th!!!

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