Team Timeless Win With Perfect 10s!

19 04 2010

Robin and George with the line-up of celebrity riders and trainers.

A great time was had by all at ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair! A record Sunday crowd was there to cheer on their favorite celebrities smartly dressed in Ariat apparel and boots and Troxel helmets. John Flint from 96.3 Star Country, trained by Andi Bill from the Hoofer Riding Club was first on course and rode a very respectable course on Bailey. His on-air partner, Tammy Lee hosted with the judges. She said later  that she was so proud John, she got a little choked up. Three-time Olympic runner, Suzy Favor Hamilton coached by Pam Prince of Meinpferde Farm and  her horse, Iphicles made it clear just how much fun she was having. Kidd O’Shea from 99.1 WMYX demonstrated his natural talent, trained by Kathleen Caya from Cheska Farm, navigating Tyler around the course in a workmanlike way. Then Leigh Mills from NBC 15 on Stand By Me, wowed the judges and the crowd with a polished round,

Suzy Favor Hamilton beams after her ride.

earning perfect 10s! Her trainer, Stephanie Veloff Histed from Timeless Farm, called her a prodigy as she brimmed with pride. After the text votes, which counted for 30%, were tallied with the judges scores, counting for 70%, Leigh and Stephanie came out on top to win the trophy, Arc de Triomphe bridle and bragging rights. All the other riders and trainers received medals for their hard work, including Connie Kellie from the Connie and Fish Show on Z104 and 97.3 The Brew, who had to drop out due to a non-riding related injury and her trainer Kate Bomgaars Reuter from Newstone Farm. Olympic Gold Medalist Speedskater, Casey FitzRandolph and and his trainer, Carrie Zander from PrairieSun Stables had also dropped out due to Casey’s knee surgery, but were on hand to say hello to the crowd and help with the award ceremony.

ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! distinguished judges panel included jumper judge, horse show manager and announcer, Oliver Kennedy, University of Wisconsin Equestrian Team Coach and Hunter/Jumper trainer, Mark Aplin, and well-known Hunter/Jumper trainer, Ginny Dvorak.

Leigh Mills and Stand by Me.

The accomplished trio of hosts who led the event were Today’s TMJ4 Milwaukee Anchor and Reporter, George Mallet riding Dallas, generously donated for his use by Kathleen Caya and Cheska Farm, veteran radio personality and horse show announcer, Robin Ellis, and Tammy Lee from 96.3 Star Country.

During the award presentation Kylee Carolfi Malik introduced Jill Vance and her son, and Kade Vance. Kade’s life was saved at American Family Children’s Hospital in 2004 after injuries sustained in a serious car accident. Kade gave a touching “Thank You” to the participants and presented the trophy to Leigh Mills.

There’s still time to donate online on your favorite teams behalf to American Family Children’s Hospital! You have until Friday the April 23rd at 5:00 pm. To donate click here.

George, Leigh, Stephanie and Kidd.

John Flint and Bailey are on the same wavelength.

John and Bailey on the same wavelength!

Casey FitzRandolph, Carrie Zander, Kate Bomgaars Reuter and Connie Kellie.


Sluggo says, “Sorry Casey! You’ll be on Foot!”

7 04 2010

Sluggo has the final word.

Back in February Olympic Gold Medalist Speedskater, Casey FitzRandolph, challenged John Flint (John & Tammy 96.3 Star Country) on the air to another Olympic sport- show jumping. They would compete against each other in ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair. Casey said that John would get a head start. John will start his riding lessons. Meanwhile, Casey would have minor arthroscopic knee surgery. His doctor gave him the okay to be in the saddle and training by mid March. Well, when they scoped his knee, there was more cartilage damage than had been anticipated. But Casey held firm. He would meet the challenge he had made. After the surgery, Casey overdid a bit and tweaked his knee. Rehab took longer than expected. Meanwhile Sluggo and trainer Carrie Zander at PrairieSun Stables waited patiently and nervously, knowing full well how difficult this sport is. Casey finally had his first lesson a week ago. He realized he wasn’t going to be able to put the time in to catch up to the others. Sluggo put in the final word, “Casey, you’re going to be on foot.”  Sadly, everyone agreed. Casey will be on hand ARIAT Jumping with the Stars!. He knows he’ll get an earful from John. He’s ready to face the music!

Tammy, Casey and John

Sluggo Waits Patiently for Casey!

24 03 2010

Sluggo waits patiently for Casey.

Sluggo says, “I’m ready when you are, Casey (Casey FitzRandolph)! You’re going to have to really put in the time because the other teams have a huge head start! I promise to be easy on you and help you along because that’s just the kind of guy I am! Our trainer, Carrie Zander is awesome and we have a gorgeous facility to work out of, here at PrairieSun Stables. My buddy Chester wants you to come back, too. Don’t be too long, Casey!”

PrairieSun Stables


Where’s Casey?

11 03 2010

Tammy, Casey and John at 96.3 Star Country.

If you listened to Casey FitzRandolph on John and Tammy on 96.3 Star Country, you heard the challenge he made to John. You also heard that Casey had arthroscopic knee surgery, giving John a head start. John has been riding Bailey under the guidance of Andi Bill at Hoofer Riding Club and has been doing great.

So what’s up with Casey? Well, Casey had his surgery. All went well. He hasn’t started his lessons quite yet but is reading a copy of Hunter Seat Equitation by George Morris. He also took some time to go visit his trainer, Carrie Zander at PrairieSun Stables in New Glarus and become acquainted with his horse for Ariat Jumping with the Stars!, Sluggo. He should start his lessons soon! We’ll be sure to have all the details!

Casey, his wife, Jenn and their cute kids visit Sluggo and Carrie.

John Ride On!

23 02 2010

John, Bailey and Andi.

John Flint, from John and Tammy on 96.3 Star Country , was nervous for his first lesson. He did not know what to expect. John has never been on a horse. He is answering a challenge posed by Olympic Gold Medalist speed skater, Casey FitzRandolph,on the air to compete at the Midwest Horse Fair in Ariat Jumping with the Stars! on April 18th.


John on the lunge line.

Andi Bill, Head Instructor at Hoofer Equestrian Center is the perfect coach to take him from a complete non-rider to a confident competitor. Bailey is John’s ideal equine partner to support the effort. Bailey is an aged Holsteiner gelding that belongs to Andi. She competed him  to great success in his younger days. Now he focuses on teaching. He is kind, quiet and intelligent, an excellent match for John.

Everyone starts on the lunge so they can learn about body position, balance and rhythm before moving on to control. John has a natural relaxed way of moving with the horse. He was amazingly quick to get the posting trot. There was quite a bit of activity at Hoofers during John’s lesson.

Off the lunge line!

Everyone watching the lesson remarked on John’s natural abilities. John not only looks great in his Ariat outfit and Troxel helmet, he is definitely a contender! This is no sausage boy! Look out Ariat Jumping with the Stars competitors! John could be really good at this sport. Andi took John and Bailey off the lunge and they worked on steering and control. Well done!

A successful first lesson!

After the lesson, John gave Bailey some well-deserved candy canes and remarked, “I had no idea it would be this much fun!”

Live Interview on the John & Tammy Show!

17 02 2010

Early this morning, listeners of WMAD 96.3 Star Country radio in Madison were treated to a live interview with our newest celebrity competitor. He is a two-time Olympian and Gold Medal winner. Can you guess who our famous mystery rider is? Join our Facebook fan page and post your guess – you could win a free Ariat ball cap! In the meantime, be sure to visit John & Tammy’s blog. The interview is posted along with a great photo, and you can listen to the interview!

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