Leigh Mills with John and Tammy Part 2

21 04 2010

Hilarity ensues with NBC15’s Leigh Mills on 96.3 Star Country John and Tammy in the Morning- Part 2


John and Tammy Interview Leigh Mills Part 1

21 04 2010

Madison, WI – 96.3 Star Country’s John and Tammy in the Morning interview NBC 15’s Leigh Mills, winner of the ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair.

Team Timeless Win With Perfect 10s!

19 04 2010

Robin and George with the line-up of celebrity riders and trainers.

A great time was had by all at ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair! A record Sunday crowd was there to cheer on their favorite celebrities smartly dressed in Ariat apparel and boots and Troxel helmets. John Flint from 96.3 Star Country, trained by Andi Bill from the Hoofer Riding Club was first on course and rode a very respectable course on Bailey. His on-air partner, Tammy Lee hosted with the judges. She said later  that she was so proud John, she got a little choked up. Three-time Olympic runner, Suzy Favor Hamilton coached by Pam Prince of Meinpferde Farm and  her horse, Iphicles made it clear just how much fun she was having. Kidd O’Shea from 99.1 WMYX demonstrated his natural talent, trained by Kathleen Caya from Cheska Farm, navigating Tyler around the course in a workmanlike way. Then Leigh Mills from NBC 15 on Stand By Me, wowed the judges and the crowd with a polished round,

Suzy Favor Hamilton beams after her ride.

earning perfect 10s! Her trainer, Stephanie Veloff Histed from Timeless Farm, called her a prodigy as she brimmed with pride. After the text votes, which counted for 30%, were tallied with the judges scores, counting for 70%, Leigh and Stephanie came out on top to win the trophy, Arc de Triomphe bridle and bragging rights. All the other riders and trainers received medals for their hard work, including Connie Kellie from the Connie and Fish Show on Z104 and 97.3 The Brew, who had to drop out due to a non-riding related injury and her trainer Kate Bomgaars Reuter from Newstone Farm. Olympic Gold Medalist Speedskater, Casey FitzRandolph and and his trainer, Carrie Zander from PrairieSun Stables had also dropped out due to Casey’s knee surgery, but were on hand to say hello to the crowd and help with the award ceremony.

ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! distinguished judges panel included jumper judge, horse show manager and announcer, Oliver Kennedy, University of Wisconsin Equestrian Team Coach and Hunter/Jumper trainer, Mark Aplin, and well-known Hunter/Jumper trainer, Ginny Dvorak.

Leigh Mills and Stand by Me.

The accomplished trio of hosts who led the event were Today’s TMJ4 Milwaukee Anchor and Reporter, George Mallet riding Dallas, generously donated for his use by Kathleen Caya and Cheska Farm, veteran radio personality and horse show announcer, Robin Ellis, and Tammy Lee from 96.3 Star Country.

During the award presentation Kylee Carolfi Malik introduced Jill Vance and her son, and Kade Vance. Kade’s life was saved at American Family Children’s Hospital in 2004 after injuries sustained in a serious car accident. Kade gave a touching “Thank You” to the participants and presented the trophy to Leigh Mills.

There’s still time to donate online on your favorite teams behalf to American Family Children’s Hospital! You have until Friday the April 23rd at 5:00 pm. To donate click here.

George, Leigh, Stephanie and Kidd.

John Flint and Bailey are on the same wavelength.

John and Bailey on the same wavelength!

Casey FitzRandolph, Carrie Zander, Kate Bomgaars Reuter and Connie Kellie.

Our Hosts: Tammy Lee

15 04 2010

ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! is thrilled to have Tammy Lee from 96.3 Star Country, and the on-air partner of John Flint, round out our hosts. Expect some laughs and hi-jinx as she leads our judges! Here’s what Tammy has to say about herself:

“I was a very creative child and my sisters and I made “radio” tapes as kids…the news, sports, even our own commercials. What I wouldn’t give to find one now. My Step-Dad is in radio and I guess as much as I ran from it, I ended up coming around to the idea it was in my blood to do this. Either that, or like my Dad says, “You might as well get paid to talk since you never shut up!” That is a true story because my Dad often paid me $20 not to talk for 20 minutes. I should have kept that up – it was good money. I’m so glad to be working with my Dad and my sister Robin, aka “The Big Giant Head”, our News Director which means she is her Father’s boss!!”

“My husband and I have 5 babies between us. Our house is very loud. With the kids already making messes on the carpet, we thought it would be fun to add pets to the mix: our cat, Star, and our adopted greyhound, Jolee.”

“I happen to be married to MacGyver. He can catch a mean Walleye, takes the kids to school, makes the BEST chicken marsala, blows up stuff in the backyard in July, fixes the car, remodels the house, scrubs the tub, helps the kids with homework, builds furniture, and designs and then makes many of my clothes! Yeah, he’s a keeper.”

“I’ve worked in radio in Madison since 1992, with two years spent in Tucson AZ. I love rooting for the UW and the Packers. Especially because we have brats and lots of beer for the games. We don’t care about body image at the games. That’s comforting when you have to wear your “fat pants”! Plus, we have brats…Did I mention that I love brats?”      – Tam

Team John Gives a Preview to Benefit American Children’s Family Hospital

12 04 2010

Andi and Bailey

On a gorgeous sunny day at the Hoofer Equestrian Center, Team John, made up of  John Flint, of  96.3 Star

Silent auction goodies.

Country’s John and Tammy in the Morning, Andi Bill, Head Instructor of the Hoofer Riding Club and Bailey, the sweetest aged Holsteiner you’d ever want to meet, put on an exhibition ride, meet and greet and silent auction to benefit American Family Children’s Hospital. Hoofer Riding Club President, Sarah Springborn and John and Andi welcomed the crowd. Then everyone took a walk up the hill to the outdoor arena. John’s on-air partner Tammy Lee arrived in time to see John show what he’s been learning in his lessons. All cheered as John walked, trotted, cantered and jumped a course similar to what he’ll jump next week at the Midwest Horse Fair.

John works the crowd.

Up the hill to the ring.

Afterwards, the silent auction heated up and cake was served. John thought it was only right that Bailey have a little cake! About $400 was raised in donations and silent auction sales. The ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! team that raises the most funds, has an additional $5,000 donated to American Family Children’s Hospital in their name by the Midwest Horse Fair. The race is on! To donate on behalf of your favorite ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! celebrity click here.

John and Bailey over the crossrails.

Tammy with water and camera at the ready.

Team John's fans ringside.

Sluggo says, “Sorry Casey! You’ll be on Foot!”

7 04 2010

Sluggo has the final word.

Back in February Olympic Gold Medalist Speedskater, Casey FitzRandolph, challenged John Flint (John & Tammy 96.3 Star Country) on the air to another Olympic sport- show jumping. They would compete against each other in ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair. Casey said that John would get a head start. John will start his riding lessons. Meanwhile, Casey would have minor arthroscopic knee surgery. His doctor gave him the okay to be in the saddle and training by mid March. Well, when they scoped his knee, there was more cartilage damage than had been anticipated. But Casey held firm. He would meet the challenge he had made. After the surgery, Casey overdid a bit and tweaked his knee. Rehab took longer than expected. Meanwhile Sluggo and trainer Carrie Zander at PrairieSun Stables waited patiently and nervously, knowing full well how difficult this sport is. Casey finally had his first lesson a week ago. He realized he wasn’t going to be able to put the time in to catch up to the others. Sluggo put in the final word, “Casey, you’re going to be on foot.”  Sadly, everyone agreed. Casey will be on hand ARIAT Jumping with the Stars!. He knows he’ll get an earful from John. He’s ready to face the music!

Tammy, Casey and John

John to do an Exhibition Ride and Meet and Greet at Hoofers!

5 04 2010

John Flint, from John and Tammy in the Morning on 96.3 Star Country in Madison, will demonstrate the riding and jumping skills he has learned in training with Andi Bill  in preparation for ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair.

John, Bailey and Andi.

John will meet and greet friends and fans at the Hoofer Equestrian Center on Sunday, the 11th at 1:00 PM. There will be a silent auction to benefit the American Family Children’s Hospital. We hope to see you there!!!  Click here for all the details.