Sluggo says, “Sorry Casey! You’ll be on Foot!”

7 04 2010

Sluggo has the final word.

Back in February Olympic Gold Medalist Speedskater, Casey FitzRandolph, challenged John Flint (John & Tammy 96.3 Star Country) on the air to another Olympic sport- show jumping. They would compete against each other in ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair. Casey said that John would get a head start. John will start his riding lessons. Meanwhile, Casey would have minor arthroscopic knee surgery. His doctor gave him the okay to be in the saddle and training by mid March. Well, when they scoped his knee, there was more cartilage damage than had been anticipated. But Casey held firm. He would meet the challenge he had made. After the surgery, Casey overdid a bit and tweaked his knee. Rehab took longer than expected. Meanwhile Sluggo and trainer Carrie Zander at PrairieSun Stables waited patiently and nervously, knowing full well how difficult this sport is. Casey finally had his first lesson a week ago. He realized he wasn’t going to be able to put the time in to catch up to the others. Sluggo put in the final word, “Casey, you’re going to be on foot.”  Sadly, everyone agreed. Casey will be on hand ARIAT Jumping with the Stars!. He knows he’ll get an earful from John. He’s ready to face the music!

Tammy, Casey and John


John to do an Exhibition Ride and Meet and Greet at Hoofers!

5 04 2010

John Flint, from John and Tammy in the Morning on 96.3 Star Country in Madison, will demonstrate the riding and jumping skills he has learned in training with Andi Bill  in preparation for ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair.

John, Bailey and Andi.

John will meet and greet friends and fans at the Hoofer Equestrian Center on Sunday, the 11th at 1:00 PM. There will be a silent auction to benefit the American Family Children’s Hospital. We hope to see you there!!!  Click here for all the details.

John and Andi Jumping into Spring!

1 04 2010

What could be better than a ride outdoors on a gorgeous day? JUMPING outdoors on a gorgeous day! John Flint of 96.3 Star Country in Madison  is having the time of his life lessoning with Andi Bill at Hoofer Riding Club preparing for ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair. You go John!

Andi and John be Jammin’

23 03 2010

John learning 2 point.

John Flint  (from the John and Tammy Show on 96.3 Star Country) and his coach, Andi Bill (from the Hoofer Riding Club) are making great strides. It helps that John has natural balance and rhythm. It also helps that Bailey, his horse for Ariat Jumping with the Stars!, is one of the

Balance is key!

sweetest, steadiest creatures on four legs! John is steering and posting the trot. In this lesson he learned to canter. He can canter and steer all the way around the ring! This is fabulous for the fourth lesson! Considering John recently tweaked his back, he is doing so well. Keep it up John, riding strengthens your back muscles!

Who will come out on top on April 18th? The competition gets tougher every day! This is definitely one team to watch!





A gorgeous day at Hoofer Riding Club.

Where’s Casey?

11 03 2010

Tammy, Casey and John at 96.3 Star Country.

If you listened to Casey FitzRandolph on John and Tammy on 96.3 Star Country, you heard the challenge he made to John. You also heard that Casey had arthroscopic knee surgery, giving John a head start. John has been riding Bailey under the guidance of Andi Bill at Hoofer Riding Club and has been doing great.

So what’s up with Casey? Well, Casey had his surgery. All went well. He hasn’t started his lessons quite yet but is reading a copy of Hunter Seat Equitation by George Morris. He also took some time to go visit his trainer, Carrie Zander at PrairieSun Stables in New Glarus and become acquainted with his horse for Ariat Jumping with the Stars!, Sluggo. He should start his lessons soon! We’ll be sure to have all the details!

Casey, his wife, Jenn and their cute kids visit Sluggo and Carrie.

Host Spotlight: Robin Ellis

7 03 2010

Robin Ellis (Robin Histed) began his broadcasting career in 1991 on WSUP, Tri-State’s best rock-n-roll, out of Platteville, WI.

Hired by WIBA 101.5 in 1992, Robin hosted the alternative music show “Radio Free Madison”.  When 92.1 WMAD first signed on the air in 1993, Robin came on board at Madison’s New Rock Alternative Station. Along with his full-time shift as a popular DJ on 92.1 WMAD, Robin hosted the hugely successful Saturday night music show the “Underground Lounge” until 1998.

Back in the day, Robin hosted live remotes, introduced big name bands, interviewed famous musicians, and even investigated the death of Kurt Cobain.

Since then, Robin has worked on various projects including hosting a television pilot. He now works in the Madison area. For the last eleven years Robin has served as the announcer of the Timeless Farm Series of Horse Shows, managed by his wife and Ariat Jumping with the Stars! trainer, Stephanie Veloff Histed.

Robin will be in the ring to get the reactions of our Ariat Jumping with the Stars! trainers. Today’s TMJ 4 ‘s George Mallet, will lead the festivities as our mounted Master of Ceremonies and Tammy Lee from 96.3 Star Country will be with the judges for their responses to the rounds.

John’s First Lesson!

3 03 2010

Not only his first lesson, but his very first time on a horse. He is amazing! He’s riding Bailey at Hoofer Equestrian Center, and the trainer is Andi Bill. Go Team John!