Easy to Lose Track of Time at Timeless Farm

17 02 2010

Stephanie Veloff Histed and Leigh Mills

“Do you wear makeup when you ride?” asked  Leigh Mills as her coach, Stephanie  Veloff Histed, checked the fit of her new Ariat apparel and Troxel helmet.  The answer, “Absolutely!” Leigh had arrived well ahead of NBC 15 photographer, Jason, so she could try everything on. All fit perfectly!

Then Stephanie presented Leigh a Timeless Farm embroidered jacket with her name on it!

When Jason arrived Stephanie showed them around Timeless Farm, pointed out the horses- then they went to get Dan, Leigh’s mount for Ariat Jumping with the Stars! Dan is a very special horse with a story. We promise to share more about Dan in future posts.

Leigh asked tons of questions and Stephanie demonstrated  the basics of grooming. As Stephanie was helping tack up Dan she surprised Leigh with yet another gift, an embroidered saddle pad with Ariat Jumping with the Stars! on one side and Leigh’s name on the other. How sweet is that?!!

Stephanie adjusts Leigh's stirrup.

Stephanie adjusts Leigh's stirrup.

Leigh has amazingly great position for a beginner and learned to both sit and post the trot in her first lesson. Well done!  Chatting after the lesson, Leigh realized she had to dash to make it to a promo shoot on time! It is easy to lose track of time at Timeless Farm! Look for more from Leigh on her Ariat Jumping with the Stars! experience on her blog at NBC 15  at: www.nbc15.com! And  be sure to check out Timeless Farm at: www.timelessfarm.com