Sluggo says, “Sorry Casey! You’ll be on Foot!”

7 04 2010

Sluggo has the final word.

Back in February Olympic Gold Medalist Speedskater, Casey FitzRandolph, challenged John Flint (John & Tammy 96.3 Star Country) on the air to another Olympic sport- show jumping. They would compete against each other in ARIAT Jumping with the Stars! at the Midwest Horse Fair. Casey said that John would get a head start. John will start his riding lessons. Meanwhile, Casey would have minor arthroscopic knee surgery. His doctor gave him the okay to be in the saddle and training by mid March. Well, when they scoped his knee, there was more cartilage damage than had been anticipated. But Casey held firm. He would meet the challenge he had made. After the surgery, Casey overdid a bit and tweaked his knee. Rehab took longer than expected. Meanwhile Sluggo and trainer Carrie Zander at PrairieSun Stables waited patiently and nervously, knowing full well how difficult this sport is. Casey finally had his first lesson a week ago. He realized he wasn’t going to be able to put the time in to catch up to the others. Sluggo put in the final word, “Casey, you’re going to be on foot.”  Sadly, everyone agreed. Casey will be on hand ARIAT Jumping with the Stars!. He knows he’ll get an earful from John. He’s ready to face the music!

Tammy, Casey and John