Connie Catches on Fast!

18 02 2010

Connie and Mario.

Connie Kellie had her first lesson with Abby Mazza yesterday at Newstone Farm in Oconomowoc. Abby is Kate Reuter’s right hand person, while she’s away showing her Grand Prix jumper, Linus,  in Florida. Abby does all the round pen work, and breaking of the young horses at Newstone Farm. She teaches lessons to their clients and rides all the horses.

George Mallet  from Today’s TMJ4 in Milwaukee, showed up to say hello and try on his duds! We all converged in the ultra-homey Newstone Farm lounge around the fireplace, and Connie and George tried on their clothes. Meanwhile, Mario was all tacked up and ready to go. Mario is an ex-Grand Prix show jumper with a heart of pure gold. What a sweetie-pie!

Connie did great! She has an excellent sense of rhythm and learned to post very quickly. Kudos to Abby and Connie for accomplishing so much in the first lesson! Check out Connie & Fish’s website at, and click here to go to their  hugely popular Facebook site.

George Mallet in his new Ariat and Troxel duds.

Connie on Grand Prix show jumper, Mario, and trainer, Abby.