Video of Leigh’s Winning Round! posted April 21, 2010

George & Brahma: A Love Connection! posted April 3, 2010

John Becomes a Real Horseman – He Falls Off! posted April 2, 2010

John & Andi Jumping Into Spring! posted April 1, 2010

Suzy & Pam Having a Blast! posted March 31, 2010

Kidd & Kathleen – Contenders! posted March 30, 2010

Connie & Abby are On Course! posted March 29, 2010

Leigh’s Looking Good! posted March 26, 2010

Kidd O’Shea is jumping! posted March 22, 2010

Suzy Favor Hamilton’s first lesson. Suzy on Iphicles with Pam and Phil. Check it out! posted March 5, 2010

John Flint’s first time on a horse. Go John! posted March 3, 2010

Kidd O’Shea’s first lesson – and he’s posting, too! posted March 2, 2010

Connie Kellie’s first lesson – posting!! posted Feb. 26, 2010

Leigh Mill’s first lesson. She’s a natural! posted Feb. 25, 2010


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